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Tegacom Industrial is a team of qualified people with more than a decade of experience in the industrial computer sector, proud to be a large manufacturer and distributor of high quality industrial computer equipment with distribution in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.


The three main categories of the portfolio are: Industrial PC, Panel PC and Industrial Monitors. These equipments cover most of the demands of the current demand, but in Tegacom IndustrialKnowing that some of the projects have various special requirements, our ability to design and manufacture custom equipment plays an important role in achieving successful solutions.


We thank our clients for the trust they place in us and we value their positive reports with the aim of continuing to work and improve day by day. Since Tegacom Industrial we try to get more than clients: business partners. We want to be part of your projects by offering the necessary advice and support so that you can be faster and more effective than the competition.


The use of our products in integration processes in our customers' designs is a guaranteed long-term solution, maintaining a fluid supply and effective maintenance.


Tegacom Industrial is a guarantee, our partners, the reason for its existence.