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Aluminum IP65 SLIM

The series TPC-DCM It is characterized by its ultra-thin and fanless design, respecting the demands of the most demanding environments. Celeron processors. I3 / i5 / i7 7th and 8th generation.


The Industrial All in One TPC-PC offer a wide variety of I / O ports, offering 6 COM ports and 2 image output as standard. You have the option of panel or VESA mount mounting.


The series TPC-SC / SR They are INOX Panel PC with high performance 304/316 stainless steel industrial capacitive or resistive touch, low power consumption and ultra-thin fanless design.


The series TPC-RC (Pcap Touch) / TPC-RR (Resistive Touch) are industrial Panel PCs with a metal front that allows rack installation. Equipped with front IP65 protection.

The Industrial Panel PC they are teams all in one industrial High performance with low consumption, the perfect solution to integrate IT equipment with a highly sensitive industrial touch screen, in the most adverse places and offer a more secure and efficient IT solution.

Tegacom Industrial has a wide range of models designed to cover the vast majority of customer projects. They offer a variety of connections, screen sizes (10,4 - 24 inches), different 6th, 7th and 8th generation processors, and various configuration options to achieve the most suitable Industrial Pc Panel for the client's objective.

The units Industrial Panel PC They are all-in-one teams with protection IP65 frontal, robust and highly efficient. They are designed to ensure your use in industrial environments and in harsh environments, working continuously without the need for maintenance. They are fully customizable and as manufacturers of custom industrial equipment we can offer the design of the Custom Industrial Panel PC, thus allowing its adaptation to the most demanding projects.

These Industrial Panel PCs are the best solution for automating projects with the highest efficiency and allowing better user interaction in machine control processes. They are the best HMI option. They were designed to work continuously under an industrial environment and for that the selection of materials that make up each equipment has been taken care of in order to meet the highest expectations.

The modular design of these devices allows each device to be adapted to the needs of the moment, allowing the CPU to be replaced in the future with another with different characteristics, ports, speed and protection.

In visualization and control tasks, it allows to extend the visualization of the data to other secondary monitors directly connected thanks to the two video outputs, maintaining 3 simultaneous screens with different images. And in the cases in which these works are carried out under sunlight, we have the option of installing high-brightness displays without giving up front IP65 protection.

For when the demands are greater and we must protect our equipment, including the I / O ports, we have the INOX category that offer full FULL IP66 protection against water and dust, and greater resistance to corrosion in the most adverse environments. In this category the concept of Custom Industrial Panel PC plays an important role, being able to design INOX models tailored to the user with the ports they need.

Tegacom Industrial has a team with a long history in industrial projects and great experience in the manufacture of custom industrial equipment. It is the best option for most projects.


Ip65 protection

Equipment with TOTAL IP65 and IP65 Front protection against water and dust.

Fanless design

Passive cooling without the use of fans. The absence of mechanical elements to maintain the temperature facilitates a greater durability of the product.

Custom furniture

We design and manufacture your industrial equipment tailored to your needs.

Wide temperature range

Stable operation in extreme temperatures and humidity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vibration resistance

Withstands vibrations during work execution, perfect for mobility and special vehicles.

Shock resistance

High resistance to impacts. Reinforced chassis. Different levels of protection on the glass.

Wide input voltage

Wide voltage range. Possibility of offering different configurations tailored to the client.


Equipment manufactured with multipoint capacitive industrial touch (PCAP) and resistive touch.

VESA support

Our Panel PCs offer the possibility of installing them using any VESA bracket on the market that complies with the measurements.


They include a Kit for paneling in electrical cabinets and we have other kits for thicker surfaces.