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Sometimes Tegacom Industrial standard products do not meet the requirements and needs of customers' applications. That is why we accept to evaluate each proposal that is presented to us in order to create a solution that meets the expectations of our clients. Together with our manufacturer TAICENN we are sure of being able to solve almost all the proposals that may be presented.


Our customized proposal covers all product lines, including Industrial PCs, Industrial Panel PCs and Industrial Monitors. Our customization and ODM solution products have been widely used in industrial IoT, industrial automation, business automation, smart factory, machine automation, machine vision, environmental and industrial facility monitoring, building automation, smart manufacturing and other related industries.

We cater to special customer requirements for industrial and embedded computers, such as special functions, level of protection against water and dust, I / O ports and custom dimensions ... TAICENN develops the perfect solution and products based on the definition of industrial application, providing fast and flexible ODM and customized services for the actual needs of customers.

According to customers' special requirements for Industrial Touch Panel PC, such as special functions, IP protection level waterproof and dustproof, I / O ports and special dimensions, screen functions, touch screen level, mounting method special… Tegacom Industrial through the manufacturer TAICENN will provide the best industrial Panel PC solutions and products based on understanding the application requirements, providing flexible customization services for the actual requirements.

According to customer demand for industrial touch screens, such as waterproof and dustproof standard level, special cutting dimension, touch screen type, industrial screen characteristics, special mounting method. Tegacom Industrial through the manufacturer TAICENN will provide the best solution and product based on the understanding of the application requirements, offering fast and flexible industrial monitor customization services for the real needs of customers

Contact us and we will study your project. Don't worry about the complexity of your design, we will be happy to build it for you.